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Marine Parks, Regional Parks, Provincial Parks
& National Parks of British Columbia, Canada
- Including Vancouver Island and Pacific Rim Park - is a private website that aims to bring the major Marine Parks, Regional Parks, Provincial Parks and National Parks of BC together into one website for easy access.

Power break on the Stein Mountains
Stein Valley Nlaka'pamux Provincial Park

Canada's westernmost province of British Columbia boasts nearly one thousand Marine Parks, Regional Parks, Provincial Parks, National Parks, Ecological Reserves, and Provincial Recreation areas.

Rock and ice, salt spray and rain forest, desert and taiga: When you have as large a patch of land as that covered within the borders of BC - bigger than the states of Washington, Oregon, and California rolled into one - you need simple, rugged words to describe it.

The magic of BC's wilderness is encapsulated in each of these elements, and nowhere else on the continent prepares you for the range of outdoor adventure to be found in British Columbia.
Don't be deceived by the cozy but thin veneer of civilization that has been thrown up around the wilderness. Even in the southwestern corner of the province where half of BC's population resides, those who do not respect the neighbouring wilds often face uncompromising consequences.

Here's the natural truth about BC: Venture much beyond sidewalk's end and you come face to face with a landscape shaped by the girth of glacial ice that until quite recently covered the entire landmass. So strong was the force exerted by this miles-thick crush that, as it retreated, it cast a ragged impression in the bedrock.

Those who devote themselves to adventurous exploration of Canada's western coast eventually make their way here to hike trophy trails, ski trophy peaks, and paddle trophy waters. Fortunately, most travellers don't have to resort to extremes in order to get an inside look at these fantastic features.

Although your explorations will brush up against the churning natural forces still at work in the aftermath of the most recent ice age, with proper preparation and a confident spirit you can negotiate your way in and around the landscape, emerging with untarnishable memories of your encounter with the natural world. The land persists and is there for each of us to discover anew. The farther afield you venture, the more appreciation you'll develop for its staggering abundance.

Select from the categories below to commence your exploration of British Columbia's great parks. We provide information on nearly 500 Marine Parks, Regional Parks, Provincial Parks and National Parks in BC, listed by geographical region for ease of location.

Parks on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands
Parks in the Vancouver, Coast & Mountains Region
Parks in the Thompson Okanagan Region
Parks in the BC Rockies
Parks in the Cariboo, Chilcotin, Coast Region
Parks in the Northern BC Region

All Parks in British Columbia
Marine Parks in British Columbia

National Parks in British Columbia Park Location
- Pacific Rim National Park Tofino, Ucluelet and Bamfield, Vancouver Island
- Gulf Islands National Park Southern Gulf Islands: Saturna, Mayne & Pender
- Mount Revelstoke National Park Revelstoke, Kootenays Region of BC
- Kootenay National Park BC Rockies, Canadian Rocky Mountains
- Glacier National Park Rogers Pass, Kootenays Region of BC
- Yoho National Park BC Rockies, Canadian Rocky Mountains
- Gwaii Haanas National Park Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands), North BC

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